We perform work within these divisions:
  Delivering of slate and natural stone for brickwalls
  Water and draining
  Groundwork for buildings
  Road construction
  Mass transport
  Delivery of  masses – all types
  Various repairment work on constructions equipment and vehicles

Our company has got internal control, HMS and quality safety system.  This is to oblige the authorities’ commands and for the safety of our customers.  

Are you thinking about or planning any work, you would like to get done?
  It can be smaller brickwalls, extensions, garages, tool sheds, roads, ditches, drainingsystems,terraces etc, but you are probably worried about writing long applications, or are you uncertain about  the regulations? Look at Statens Byggningstekniske etat.  
Here you can find application forms that you need fore your building case. These forms you can fill out right there on the computer.

Pictures from our activities   

Natural stone for support walls
From our stone quarry at Skånevikstrand Maskinstasjon we deliver bricks of perfect quality in all shapes and sizes, all at the costumers request. In the quarry the brick is loaded  directly into  containers which are  transported  to the building sites with  trucks. This means minimal damage on the stone

  We delivered stone /bricks to roadsafetywalls in Rosendal. ( Seimsfoss – Neslia). This road was by late mayor in Kvinnherad nominated to a Beautiful Roads’ Prize.

Here are some pictures from some masonry with our nature stonebricks :

Various pictures from masonry we have delivered stone to

Pictures from Rosendal

Pictures from Stana, Hardanger